Week Beginning 7th November 2016

This week in Pine Class we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes, we have made our own 2D shapes on a geoboard and discussed the properties of shapes. They created regular and irregular shapes.
In English we have been looking at Dictionaries and Thesauruses, we learnt that a dictionary tells us the meaning of a word and also helps us with our spellings. We looked at how a Thesaurus can give us a range of alternative words to use with the same meaning to make our writing more interesting.
Pine class news! This week the chickens finally got to wear their new Jumpers! They seemed very happy and looked very cozy but unfortunately the Jumpers didn't last very long however Pine class really enjoyed the experience and have become very protective over the chickens. We do have some Christmas jumpers to try with the chickens so they can also enjoy the festive season!