Victorian Toys

Class 2 have been looking at toys this term. Everyone brought in a toy from home to show their friends which we then drew and painted. Class 2 then compared their toys to Victorian toys. They really enjoyed playing tiddly winks and hopscotch.

Class 2 visited the Discovery Museum and looked at how toys have changed over the last 100 years. They were surprised to see that the Turtles were so old! Class 2 were brilliant explorers finding Victorian toys. They found a dolls pram and dolls house that looked ‘really old’.

Class 2 collected a box of delights from the Discovery Museum that contained toys from the last century to borrow in class. They enjoyed playing with toys for rich and poor Victorian children and noticed they were all made of wood. Everyone recognised that new toys are usually made of plastic or metal and are painted.

Class 2 enjoyed playing with the fire engine and cup and ball most!

Next we will be looking at grandparents toys and parents toys.