Student Destinations after leaving Cedars

We are very proud of the successful routes our students take on leaving Cedars; routes that as are varied and individual as our students. Below is a summary of the destinations of all our leavers from the past 4 years. 


Of the 35 leavers that we have had in the last 4 years; their immediate destinations have been as follows:

Upon leaving Cedars:

28.6% of learners progressed onto a vocational supported learning programme through Gateshead Council or Gateshead College to include employability skills and extended work placements.

17.14% of learners went on to study a Level 1 subject at College.

5.71% of learners went on to study Level 2 subjects at College.

8.6% of learners went on to study one or more level 3 subjects at College.

17.6% of learners progressed onto the Gateshead/Dilston College partnership programme to develop further independence skills, and accessing the community.

11.8% of learners moved out of the Gateshead area or onto a specialist programme within an out of Borough College.

8.6% of learners progressed directly onto an Apprenticeship or Traineeship programme in supporting teaching and learning, childcare or hair and beauty.

2.86% of learners are not accessing any provision because of medical/ health issues.

Of these 35 their current (March 2017) destinations are as follows:

41.2% of learners are currently on supported vocational programmes focusing on employability and extended work placements.

2.9% of learners are living independently.

14.3% of learners are in paid employment.

5.7% of learners are progressing to or are currently on a HE programme at University.

2.9% of learners are on a Level 3 study programme at College.

5.7% of learners are not currently accessing provision because of medical/ health issues.

2.9% of learners are on an Apprenticeship programme.

5.7% of learners are on the Gateshead/Dilston College partnership course to develop increased independence, supported employment and accessing the community.


For a full report and description of the individual routes please see the document below: