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Our student council have been working extremely hard this term to implement some fantastic ideas around school.  This year so far we have raised over £500 for a collection of charities; including The British Legion, Children In Need and St Oswald's Hospice!
We have introduced an eye catching road sign as you enter our school grounds. This is to encourage people to slow down and consider our students and neighbours.
Lewis says ' Our senior tuckshop runs on a Tuesday and Thursday break-time and it serves a variety of snacks, fruit pots, yoghurts, popcorn and many more delicious products. You will find our council member running the shop regularly.
Bethany comments ' I think the best thing about being part of the student council so far is the amount of money we have raised for charity.'
We meet regularly with Miss Parkin and will keep you informed.
Watch this space!
Friday 12th May 2015
Today the primary student council were invited for a site visit to the building work that is happening within school.  First of all the children were asked to wear a hard hat and high viz vest for their safety whilst they were getting a tour of the new extension.
We watched as John told us that the cement base is getting put down today and we enjoyed watching the machine pumping the cement into place.  John went on to say that by next Tuesday the builders will be bricklaying the second floor walls - how exciting is that!!!  Some of the children asked if they are on schedule to finish by September and they stated that everything is going to plan and they are working within their time scale.