Sport Premium

Sports Premium Funding

‘Sport Premium’ is a funding package introduced by the Government. They announced that they will be providing schools with additional money over the next two years to support the delivery of PE and sports in schools.
 The money must be used to improve the provision of P.E. and school sport but schools will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Cedars Academy is renowned for high quality PE and sports education and we have a clear understanding as to the vital role it plays in the health, well-being and self-esteem of children. Through PE and sport, children develop many of our core values such as cooperation, respect, determination and kindness.

Please see the link below showing how we have committed our share of the funding for the 2017-18 Academic Year. 


Cedars Aims for Sport Premium
  • Further develop staff knowledge and expertise in teaching sport and PE to children with a range of additional needs.
  • Improving and marking the school grounds so that areas are safe and clearly defined for sport and athletic activities.
  • Subscribing to the Gateshead School Sport Partnership programme (Premium SLA) so that our students have access to the best facilities and programmes offered in the region.

We continue our aim in raising standards and participation in P.E. and school sport increasing the opportunities offered to all our children and young people. 

Improvements in PE & Sport are made sustainable through the continuous investment and development of the PE, Sport and Outdoor & Adventurous programme, staff and resources that are supplemented by the Sport Premium allocation.
Lead Inclusion School
Summer 2016: Cedars Academy have again been confirmed as the Tyne and Wear Lead Inclusion School for the next academic year.
As Lead Inclusion School, we will continue to provide support to all schools across the county in three areas: staff CPD, inclusive competition and young leader development.
We are a Youth Sport Trust Project Ability School
Overarching principle of our role as a Youth Sport Trust Project Ability School is to advise, guide and support all schools in our county area to increase the number, range and quality of opportunities for young people with SEN to participate and progress in PE and School Sport.
Play Unified
In addition we were awarded £500 funding from the Youth Sport Trust and Special Olympics to pilot a project called Play Unified. The project is focused on developing positive relationships between all students through play, physical or social activity.
The project is to be student-led, initial discussions have taken place with the student council around what our project could like. Current idea is for two classes to come together for one period per week, with students encouraged to interact with those they  may not usually play or socialise with on a variety of projects, i.e. reading support, arts project, walking club.
Sporting Competition, Enrichment and Pathways Opportunities
We continue to offer an extensive range of sports clubs, after school pathway & development activities, Sports Leadership programme and an extensive outdoor & adventurous activities programme across the school.