Sir Linkalot

7th October 2016

Cedars Academy had a visit from Sir Linkalot on Friday. He showed us some ‘fun and easy ways to remember things’. Sir Linkalot set up some workshops for each primary class focussing on phonics and spellings using pictures and rhymes to help. Pine class will never forget how to spell TWO now!

 The secondary classes were provided strategies and mnemonics to help them with spellings, times tables and arithmetic. Everyone benefitted from Sir Linkalot’s knowledge and enthusiasm during the workshops – and it was fantastic to see so many parents come along throughout the day.

After school training for staff was a brilliant opportunity for us to learn a few more tricks from Sir Linkalot to use in the classroom. I have attached a link to his website if anyone would like to learn more.

Thanks to all the parents who attended the workshops for your support and of course to Sir Linkalot.