School Improvement Report: Summer 2016

We are very pleased to announce a very positive School Improvement Report that was received by the Governors at their full governors meeting on 13th June 2016.

The aim of this report is to set out clearly the current effectiveness of the school. It outlines the main strengths; those areas which are making the most difference to children’s outcomes in their personal development, their well-being and their academic outcomes. It also highlights the areas which need to improve in order for the school to become more effective. 

This information will be used by governors to focus their support and challenge to school leaders in the most appropriate areas.

Key findings from the report

The quality of personal development, behaviour and welfare is outstanding

  • The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding. Staff are committed to creating a caring school where children are encouraged to have high aspirations for themselves.
  • The curriculum and daily routines support pupils’ personal, social, emotional and physical well-being extremely well.
  • Pupils strive to do their best and take pride in their achievements. They participate enthusiastically and energetically in sports activities because highly skilled teachers and assistants help them achieve their best through physical activities.


  • The behaviour of pupils is excellent. Pupils are well mannered, polite, friendly and self-assured. They conduct themselves around the school extremely well.
  • In lessons, pupils are keen to learn and they respond well to instructions. The majority of pupils work hard to complete tasks and enjoy lessons.
  • Relationships throughout the school are strong. It is a caring community characterised by mutual support and respect.

The quality of leadership and management is very good

  • The headteacher leads school improvement extremely well.  The Headteacher, after his appointment, established a new leadership team with a shared aspiration and vision to be an outstanding school. 
  • Governance is a strength of the school. They make regular visits to meet staff, talk to pupils and have a high engagement with school events and parents.
  • Self evaluation and monitoring pupils’ progress are a strength of the school.  Teachers quickly identify those pupils who are making slower progress and support them with high-quality interventions. Consequently, progress is accelerating securely across the school.
  • Systems for checking the quality of teaching are regular and rigorous.  
  • The morale of the staff at the school is high because they feel valued and have a shared vision of providing the highest standards of education and care for the pupils.
  • The curriculum, including in the sixth form, motivates learning and sustains pupils’ interests well
  • The school’s strong, caring ethos effectively supports pupils’ personal development and well-being extremely well.

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good

  • Following senior leaders lead, staff are committed to helping all pupils achieve their best. 
  • Staff manage behaviour extremely well
The full report can be view below: