School Improvement Report: Autumn 2015

Key Findings:
  • The higher level of pupils exceeding expectations in English is linked to a focus on literacy across the curriculum and targeted reading intervention and catch-up programmes.
  • Reading assessments show increases in reading age between 4 months and more than 1 year for 88% of students.
  • 27% of all children targeted for the four month intervention increased their reading age in excess of 1 year.
  • 100% of students in Key stage 3 and 4 have made expected or better than expected progress in Personal, Social Development with 26% exceeding progress. This is strongly linked to the development of an Access to Learning team to support young people to overcome barriers to learning together with the strong emphasis placed on leadership, team building and resilience through sports, residential trips and outdoor adventurous activities.
Below please find the full Autumn 2015 Report from our School Improvement Partner: