Salvation Army

Class 2 had a visit last week from a Salvation Army volunteer. He told us all about the families who won’t have lots of food and toys this Christmas because they don’t have much money. He told us all about his special job to find food and toys for them so they are kept happy and healthy. He then set us a challenge to fill a box that we could give to the Salvation Army to help families in need.

Class 2 were fantastic! For their homework everyone remembered to bring in lots of food in tins and boxes. We even had brand new toys brought in to go in the box! We then set about decorating the box with lots of Christmas patterns to cheer up all the children.

Class 2 and their families were so generous. We were able to fill 2 whole boxes of not just beans and soup but also mince pies, chocolate bars and toys! We gave the boxes to the Salvation Army to help all the children and adults who need it… just in time for Christmas.

Thank you to class 2 and everyone who supported us by contributing so generously!

Merry Christmas :)