Rocks in Science

Oak class have been looking at rocks in Science this term. We have made rock reports of our favourite rocks before learning more about them. The class discovered rocks are found in the soil, rivers and even in volcanoes! Oak class dug in the dirt to find some rocks before making a river in the classroom. We even made a volcano experiment to show how volcanic rock is formed.

This week in Science we looked at rocks from around the world. There were some fantastic descriptions for the rocks including ‘heavy’, ‘bumpy’ and ‘sparkly’. Some of us had chance to use the rocks to grind rice, cut fruit and make spears like the Stone Age boy would.  

After learning about rocks we became a class of archaeologists. Oak class found their own rock for our rock museum. We had to clean the rocks using different brushes and water before making a special place for them to stay in the museum. It has been great seeing the museum in class!