16 - 19 Bursary

The Education Funding Agency has awarded funding to our school.  It is to be used to support young people to participate and benefit from sixth form education who are either vulnerable or who are facing financial hardship which may prevent them from accessing provision.

There are two types of Bursary.  If you are eligible for a Vulnerable Bursary you would be able to claim £1,200 in the academic year.  If you are not eligible for a Vulnerable Bursary, you may qualify for a Discretionary Bursary.  The value of this Bursary is dependent upon what financial help you may need such as help towards the cost of books, materials, transport to and from school, meals during the school day, school trips or open day and interview expenses.  You may be required to keep your receipts.

If you think that you qualify for a Bursary, you will need to complete the Bursary Fund Financial Assessment Form 2016-17 and provide a photocopies of any evidence required.

All applications should be returned directly to the school office.  The information leaflet and form are attached below for your use.....