Planning our own Pilgrimage

After enjoying so many outdoor activities over the last year, it was time for Class 2 to plan their own pilgrimage. They had to think about how we would travel there and what we needed to take. The class looked at photos of Hamsterley forest and saw there were lots of trees and a river there. They decided to pack bags with the things they might need before writing a checklist. They then used this checklist to make sure we had all our packed lunches, sun cream and even wellies to go splodging!


Everyone had a fantastic time following the Stick Man trail to find Stick Man himself. They even found the Gruffalo on their way. During our picnic we were very impressed with how well everyone collected their rubbish up to help look after their environment. We ended with an exciting trip in the park before it was home time.


Well done class 2 for you brilliant planning, detailed checklists and organisation during trip – especially the picnic.