Night Exercise 2015-2016

Cedars Night Exercise

On Friday 17th Oct we held our annual Night Exercise at Herrington Country Park.

26 students took part in the event, in teams of four, five or six students. The event started at 5pm and finished at 10pm.

The exercise consisted of six stations distributed around the park. At each of these stations the team was presented with a problem solving task. They had to work as a team to solve the problem. The teams were awarded points for:

  • Speed of completion
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving Skills

The event was a huge success, thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. Here are some comments made by students:

I enjoyed all the activities, especially the skatepark 'Under Over' - our team was really good at that and scored full marks!

I learned to find stuff and help others - it was the best day of my life!

It was great for team building

Our team name was the best - The Swis Brigade

I got a little wet doing the bucket task but it was worth it!

We had fun trying to work out the 'Who's Who' 

It was fun; it was brilliant

Finding the words in the word problem was so easy – we all worked well as a team

Our team won – we were really good at helping each other

Mr Flowers said:

A massive WELL DONE!! to all the students who took part; you all worked extremely well with each other and showed excellent teamwork skills.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all staff and Young Volunteers who gave up their evening to make the event such a great success.