May 2016: High Court judgment on unauthorised pupil absence


Regarding the case of the Isle of Wight Council v Jon Platt; Cedars Academy maintain our belief that no child should miss school apart from in exceptional circumstances.


Nationally, over the past six years, schools and local authorities have taken the lead in reducing overall absence to make sure more children attend school every day. Overall absence in primary, secondary and special schools has been on a downward trend since 2010/11. In particular, since introducing the changes to the regulations in 2013 so that absence is only granted in exceptional circumstances, the rate of absence due to term time holidays has decreased by more than a third.


It remains the case – as set out in the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 amended in 2013 – that headteachers continue to have the power to authorise leave of absence, but only in exceptional circumstances.


Cedars Academy believes that family holidays are enriching and can be therapeutic experiences; however, the school year is designed to give families the opportunity for these breaks without having to disrupt their children’s education. It is for the academy to consider the specific details and relevant context behind each request. We believe that we know our pupils best and are well placed to make those judgements.


Please see the section on leave of absence  for more details.