Knit An Octopus

1st December 2016
Knit an Octopus
Many of our students were born prematurely. This is your chance to help support a great cause to help those who are born early by knitting an octopus. 
There is a fantastic group in Denmark called spruttegruppen, which encourages crocheters to make little octopuses for premature babies. Someone may be surprised to hear it, but research shows that the arms of the crocheted octopuses remind the little babies of the umbilical cord in their mommies’ bellies and make them feel safer. The group collects the octopuses for Denmark’s 16 neonatal units, so all a person needs to do is to decide to which hospital they want to send the animal, contact the hospital’s ambassador and send it to the given address. On the spruttegruppen’s website there is a pattern for the right size of the octopus, which actually is an easy, one day project.
If you would like to make an octopus and send it in to school we will happily forward it to a grateful home!
Thank you!
Jessica Hurt