Governor's Commitment

The Governors at Cedars Academy are committed to providing the best possible provision for pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities.  Being an all age school for children and young people from 3 years up to 19 years it is important that the education is appropriate for each individual and for each phase of development. We believe that the Headteacher and his staff are particularly skilled in working with children who face barriers to learning and ensure that the opportunities for challenge and development are enhanced through a person centred approach in their teaching.

We are acutely aware that there are a range of services that many parents with children with learning difficulties and disabilities have difficulty accessing. The school links carefully with other services on site; education psychologists, health and physiotherapists, Connexions service, and have developed therapeutic services within the school. Also based on site are our partners GAG (Gateshead Autism Group), SMILE Through Sport, SOFA (Supporting Opportunities For All), Gateshead Kestrels and Kites.

The Governing Body of the Academy is currently composed of thirteen members. The Governors are appointed and elected not just to meet the official categories required but to offer expertise to support the school. The main role of the governors is one of monitoring and evaluation to support the head and her staff. We have Governors who have expertise in:

  • Parenting
  • Support and advocacy for families of young people with autism
  • Local Family Learning Service
  • Disability Sport Development
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Child care, child protection and safeguarding
  • Recruitment
  • Finance and IT
  • Businesses and Fundraising
  • Civil and Traffic Engineering
Our governors are appointed in a number of ways; elected by the parents, elected by the other governors, from the community and partner organisations, staff governors (elected by the staff), and finally the headteacher. Apart form the headteacher, all governors serve for a period of four years. Governors can be re-elected to continue for further service thus giving a degree of continuity to the activities of the Governing body. The Governing Body elects a Chair and a Vice-Chair from its membership each year.
The Governing Body is responsible for agreeing the strategic direction of the school and policies within which the school will operate. We also have the responsibility of agreeing the school budget and then the monitoring of the financial performance against that budget. Governors are there to help and support the school. We provide advice but can also act as watchdogs in their role as ‘critical friends’. Governors are involved in the recruitment and appointment of staff for the school and also in performance management of the headteacher.

Above all, we are here because we passionately believe in the values and ethos of the school in it’s drive to provide the best opportunities and support to young people with special educational needs and their families.

We are here to help. Please contact anyone of our members for further information, advice or guidance.