Durham Cathedral

Class 2 have been learning all about Durham Cathedral this term. We have used the iPads to research the cathedral and found it has a ‘huge’ ceiling and ‘coloured’ windows. We also found out it has 326 steps to the top of the tower.


Following this research we listened to stories about St Benedict and the monks that worshiped God in the cathedral. We role played the building of the cathedral and everyone was amazed to know it took 40 years to build.


The class then had a visit to the cathedral where they were fantastic explorers. We looked at the high ceilings, stained glass windows and even the Lego cathedral. Some of us drew pictures of the cathedral and others dressed up as monks.


After the trip everyone discussed their favourite part of the cathedral and looked at all the pictures taken. The organ and stained glass windows seemed most popular! We used all our knowledge to make our own cathedral in art for the class display.