Disability Employment Statistics


• 44.3% of working age disabled people are economically inactive. This figure is nearly 4 times higher than non-disabled people (11.5%). (Papworth Trust Report 2013)

• Disabled people in work are paid about 10% less than non-disabled people. (Scope, 2014, Disability Facts and Figures)

• Disabled people are 4 times more likely to be out of work than non-disabled people. (Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2014)

• Almost half (48%) of unemployed disabled people said that flexible working would have helped them stay at work, but that they were not given this option. (Scope, 2013, Living Standards Survey)

• Three quarters (76%) of disabled people were unaware of, or had not received support from the Government’s Access to Work scheme 8 which helps pay for practical support for people with a disability, health or mental health condition to stay in work, or find work. (Scope Report April 2014)

• There are 6.9 million disabled people of working age in Great Britain. (GOV.UK, Press release New ad campaign launched at UK’s first Disability Employment Conference, 18 July 2013)

• 1 in 6 of those who become disabled while in work lose their employment during the first year after becoming disabled. (Papworth Trust – Disability in the United Kingdom, Facts and Figures, December 2013: Disability in the United Kingdom 2012 IPPR report: Work for Disabled People)

'Disabled ‘are being left behind’ in the hunt for jobs, claims thinktank': Guardian January 2016

The government has been accused of “leaving the disabled behind” in its drive for greater employment, after it emerged that more than half of the households in which nobody works contain at least one adult with a disability.

A major report by the Resolution Foundation thinktank, whose executive chair is the former Tory minister David Willetts, suggests that the government must offer the same level of focus to people with disabilities that it has given to helping single parents overcome obstacles to work.

Leaving the Disabled Behind - January 2016


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