Christmas Raffle Prize Winners

15th December 2016

Christmas Raffle Prize Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of our Christmas Raffle drawn this morning.

1st Prize: Mr Craig

2nd: Dean

3rd: Lee A

4th: Donna A

5th: Miss Watson

6th: Joseph S

7th: Kurtis A

8th: Miss Watson

9th: Sam T

10th: Connie P

11th: Dylan H

12th: Lee S

13th: Ryan A

14th: Thomas M

15th: Ellie T

15th: Dianne T

16th: Brandon H

17th: Lilly K

18th: Michael C

19th: Harry K

20th: Joseph S

21st: Mrs Pickering

22nd: Harry K

Christmas Cake Prize Winner: Sarah Forster

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who supported us this week – we have raised a total in excess of £450 at the Christmas Fair this week!!!