Community Feedback

What people are saying about Cedars....
We are very proud of the young people and staff at Cedars.  Here is a selection of the many positive responses we receive from parents and people in our community:

Leavers Assembly July 2017, R’s mother:

…say a massive thank you to you and your wonderful team of staff…Like most parents I was worried about how R would cope in school all those years ago and I hoped I had made the right choice for him. I so did. He has achieved amazing things with the encouragement, care, enthusiasm and support from all of you. …he has taken great pride in all of his trophies he has been awarded …boccia, athletics, swimming, skiing and fishing!

Cedars is a special school filled with special children and special staff where miracles happen...

Cedars Key Stage 1/2 Sports Day July 2017

May I commend you and your staff for what was yet another inspiring event held at Cedars Academy.

No matter how down and under pressure one feels it is always a great leveller to come and see the pupils thoroughly enjoy themselves and take part in the day, whatever their ability.

Everyone had a lot of fun, particularly the track events when everyone ran back to you thinking that was the finish line.

Parents were really encouraging to every child and it was a pleasure to be there.

Gateshead Ketrels Ski Residential to Italy, March 2018

I truly value the fact that ... has gotten to experience skiing for 6 years now, he looks forward to it all year and thoroughly enjoys himself - that is an experience he wouldn't have gotten at home and he enjoys it all the more because he is doing things with his friends and independently of us parents.

Skiing is something that gives him so much pleasure and he isn't a boy who really gets excited at things so it is lovely to see.  With best wishes and thanks to all the staff who are part of the skiing trip.  

From our Italian host at Hotel Excelsior:

...for us been as usual a wonderful week, but has been even more special then every other year! Everything was perfect this year:

We got the snow, we got the minivan for easy transfer, Francesco with the sit skis for Rebecca Reald and Andrew, wonderful kids as usual, very very professional staff!! So a very successful week!!!

Thank you for your trust one more time!


Cedars' Italian Week, Feb 2017
An unsolicited phone call made to the school after a Class 6 visit to a local Italian restaurant:
... She said how well mannered, lovely behaved and relaxed the children were.  She said it was a pleasure to share the atmosphere with the students and staff. They shed a great light on Cedars Academy.
From a parent, Sports Day July 2017

We loved the sports day.  The last two years at his previous school D didn't join in with the races, he was scared of the crowds and the events.  He helped with the marks table.  It was lovely to see him participating, even if a bit wriggly!

Cedars and Gateshead Autism Group Art Exhibition May 2016 held at St Edmunds Church, Gateshead

Comment made by a visitor:

What a treat! Thank you for the opportunity to have a glimpse into the network of joy and possibility you are helping to create.

Each experience is a stitch on the expanding tapestry of life and for me, the artwork was a wonderful orchestration of the richness and diversity manifest in all of us all. If only we would stop, look and explore. I hope the positive energy and the interconnectedness this has created will reverberate and multiply within the community and that the artists will fully know and appreciate the impact of their work


Recent feedback from a parent visit, June 2016

Dear Mr Flowers

I wanted to write to say thank you for a beautifully organised visit for my son, sister and self today by Mrs Carr and all of the staff and pupils that we met.  Kieron in particular who showed us around his school was extremely polite, informative and helpful in my son getting a sense of the school.  He was further impressed by all of the amazing things that the year seven group passed on about what they enjoyed about the school.  

I have now visited 5 schools trying to find somewhere that really does value and treat each child as an individual and helps them to achieve their academic potential in their own quirky, unique ways as well as teaching life and independence skills.  Your school is far and away the most impressive in our region.  

My son said that he thought the Cedars had weaved it's magic spell on him and sucked him right in. He is so excited now that this might be his future school, because he thinks the children who go are the luckiest children in the world.  What excites me the most is that this is the first time he has been happy and relaxed in talking about a secondary school.  Previously, he has just been scared and tearful.

I really appreciate the time and care that your staff have taken over our visits to the school.  I will now pass on the information to Durham SEN that our parental and child choice for senior school would be the Cedars.  I appreciate that there are then other decisions to be had, but if there is anything that I or A can do to help this process we will be only too happy to do it.

Yours Sincerely


Teacher Training student, Oct 2016

I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing me to come in this week and spend time at the school. I really enjoyed my time spent in the different classes and it has definitely been a very valuable experience for me. Cedars Academy is such a lovely school and I've really enjoyed meeting the pupils and supporting them when I could! They totally brightened my week! The staff have been so helpful and lovely too!