Chinese New Year

Class 2 have been looking at Chinese New Year this week. We read the story and acted as the animals from the Zodiac having a race across the river. We then looked at our birth years and found out what animal we each were. There were lots of rats and pigs showing we have a loyal, friendly and hard working class!

Class 2 looked the importance of luck when celebrating the Chinese New Year. We made Chinese lanterns and each said a wish as would traditionally occur. Class 2 also made fortune stick where they wrote a message for a friend suggesting something nice that might happen to them in the future. Some examples are ‘you will be a good friend’ and ‘you will learn to swim well’. Everyone enjoyed choosing a fortune stick as well as having theirs read out by friends.

2016 is the year of the monkey. We made some papier mache masks and had to be paint detectives experimenting with red, blue and yellow to find a brown suitable for the masks. We found there were light brown, dark brown and golden brown monkeys painted!

The dragon was the most exciting part of the Chinese New Year to everyone. Everyone made their own dragon puppet and performed a puppet show to their peers to watch. These puppets were then used as decorations for our Chinese New Year party. Class 2 listened to some traditional music, played Chinese sticks outside and then had a feast. We all tried noodles, prawn crackers, sweet and sour chicken and vegetable spring rolls. Well done everyone for eating with chopsticks.

Happy Chinese New Year!