Class 2 have been looking at celebrations in RE this term. We talked about what everyone did on Christmas day and who with. We even brought in a Christmas present to show our friends!

Class 2 had lots of birthdays last term so we found some photos of these and discussed how we celebrate our birthdays. We had a mock birthday celebration in class with some birthday cake which was seen as essential on birthdays!

Class 2 have also been learning about Eid and the similarities between how Eid and Christmas are celebrated. Mrs Ali kindly shared how she celebrates Eid. We then had an Eid celebration in class with traditional clothing, music and food including chicken curry and pakoras!

Many children experienced henna and we all made cards. Class 2 found celebrating Eid was very similar to celebrating Christmas. Everyone enjoyed having lots of different foods and music. Next we will be celebrating Chinese New Year and looking at Buddhism.