Anti-Bullying Week

This week Oak class have been learning all about what makes a good friend. We read lots of stories about being kind to each other and how someone might feel if they are bullied. Oak class came up with a brilliant list of ways we can be kind including ‘sharing the cars’ and ‘giving a hug’. We talked about what might make us sad and feel lonely. Everyone recognised we want to make our peers feel happy. We then painted hand prints and added lots of these thoughtful words to our pictures.

Following this, the class then worked together to make a friendship teddy to share. Using our fantastic words we wrote on the material ‘kind’, ‘friendly’ and ‘happy’. There were lots of lovely pictures drawn including love hearts and smiley faces. Once the drawings were completed everyone took turns helping Miss Grundy to sew the teddy together using the sewing machine.

Well done Oak class for working together to be kind to one another :)