About the Academy

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How can my child attend Cedars?

  • All of the pupils at Cedars must have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Single Plan, although it may be possible for this to be drawn up whilst they are in attendance.  The Statement or Single Plan protects the child’s individual needs and is formally reviewed at least annually. Both the Single Plan and Statement have protection in law, and describe the education provision to meet the child’s individual need.  
  • Pupils are admitted at any time during the school year, referred via a range of routes.  We work closely with all involved professionals to ensure pupils are correctly placed and that they receive appropriate provision for their needs.  
Please go to the Policy page to view our current Admissions Policy

What will my child learn at Cedars?

  • From Key Stages 1-4 (5-16 years) National Curriculum Programmes of Study are followed, adapted and differentiated to meet individual and group needs.
  • The curriculum for Key Stage 1&2 pupils has a strong focus on the promotion of Literacy, Numeracy, social communication and emotional development and resilience. 
  • At Key Stage 3&4, whilst the focus remains on Literacy and Numeracy, students embark on a range of accredited courses that lead to Entry Level Certificate, Functional Skills, BTEC, GCSE and A Level. We also promote practical and independence skills, so that pupils can gain qualifications and become prepared for life after school.
  • At all ages and key stages our focus is always on the needs and interest of the individual student.

For more information please go to the Our Curriculum page.

What happens when my child turns 16?

  • Students may choose to leave at the end of Key Stage 4 to move on to Further Education locally or to specialist provision out of Borough. Other students prefer to move up to our College provision based at Walker Terrace to continue to develop their core skills, literacy and numeracy, life skills and vocational qualifications to prepare them for their next move into university, college, training or employment. 
For more information please go to the Post 16 Curriculum Routes  page.