Fern class have settled really well back into school after the Holidays! We were very excited about starting 2017, we have been talking about how we celebrate New Year and discussed our New Year resolutions, we had some great ideas from helping to tidy up our bedrooms to trying new vegetables, we are hoping we can keep them up!
This term our topic is going to be "our bodies" we have been looking at body parts and naming them, we have had lots of fun with this drawing around each other and labelling our bodies, looking at bones, making our own skeletons, and playing skeleton games on the whiteboard.
In ICT we are starting to learn about computer programming, we are beginning this with Lego by creating our own instructions for our friends to make a Lego structure.
In art we have been looking at self portraits, Fern class have enjoyed learning how to draw themselves and we have been very impressed with their artwork so far!
In numeracy we have been refreshing our number knowledge, we had lots of fun with big numicon making number bonds to 10.