17th October

Winnie the Witch
On Monday Mrs Cairns brought a basket into our classroom.  She said that a lady with a black dress, pointy hat and a frog on her shoulder had left it for Fern class. 
We read the letter which said that Winnie's magic wand was broken and she wanted us to help otherwise Halloween would be cancelled.  To see if we were up to this challenge she set us a phonics task. 
On Tuesday we received another basket with instructions on how to make a super strength potion and an invisibility potion.  We had to measure the different amounts using either cups or mls. 
We then created our recipe to fix Winnie's wand.  We created our own potions and left it for Winnie.  We were all happy to hear it worked and her magic wand had been fixed. 
We then wrote our own set of instructions for Winnie to keep just in case her wand breaks again.